We are working tirelessly to contribute to a green conversion of dinner tables

Health, ecology and sustainability

Health, ecology and sustainability are the cornerstones of New Nordic Beverages’ operations. We have chosen to work with KRAV-labeled blueberries and lingonberries. This certification encompasses fair wages, good working conditions, protection for the environment and health standards, biological diversity, reduced climate impact and much more. It is not negotiable. Transparency and traceability are paramount to us, as we strive to be a pioneer in sustainable beverage industry.

Our products

Rålund and Bergskär berry wine
Perfectly complement our meals, offering a Non-Grape and Histamine Free alternative with extraordinary experience and minimal environmental impact.
Indulge in an extraordinary wine crafted from Nordic Wild Blueberries and lingonberries, source from the depths of Norrland´s forest in Northern Sweden.







Bergskär Alcohol Free

Rålund Alcohol Free

Bergskär Mulled Wine