A Swedish tradition

A long tradition of making beverages from fruits and berries

In the cold climate of the Nordic countries

In the cold climate of our nordic countries we have a long tradition of making drinks from berries and fruits.
In Sweden wine has been made from fruit and berries since the 16th century. In the far north it was common that they made their own ”sun wine”, often out of blueberries. They simply filled a bottle with blueberries, water and a little sugar and let it stand in the sun, creating a natural fermentation process.
This tradition almost disappeared during the latter half of the 20th century.

We at New Nordic Beverage

At New Nordic Beverage we embrace this Swedish tradition of making wine from berries, driven by our commitment to environmental stewardship and our planet´s well-being.  The health benefits of wild blueberries are an additional advantage.

But above all we aim for our wines and beverages to delight your palate.

Our products

Rålund and Bergskär berry wine
Perfectly complement our meals, offering a Non-Grape and Histamine Free alternative with extraordinary experience and minimal environmental impact.
Indulge in an extraordinary wine crafted from Nordic Wild Blueberries and lingonberries, source from the depths of Norrland´s forest in Northern Sweden.







Bergskär Alcohol Free

Rålund Alcohol Free

Bergskär Mulled Wine