A Swedish tradition

A long tradition of making beverages from fruits and berries

In the cold climate of the northern countries

In the cold climate of our northern countries we have a long tradition of making drinks from fruit and berries, since grapes are not natural for us.
In Sweden wine has been made from fruit and berries since the 16th century. In the far north it was common that they made their own ”sun wine”, often out of blueberries. They simply filled a bottle with blueberries, water and a little sugar and let it stand in the sun, creating a natural fermentation process.
This tradition almost disappeared during the latter half of the 20th century.

We at Idunn Norsjö
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At Idunn we enjoy taking up this Swedish tradition of making wine from berries, not least for the sake of the environment. That
blueberries are so healthy for us is of course an additional advantage.

But above all we want our wines to taste good to the palate.

Our products

The meeting between the fantastic ingredients from the forests of Norrland
and the professional craft of winemaking has amazed sommelier, restaurateurs and other wine connoisseurs.