Why Blueberries?

The Nordic blueberry (vaccinium myrtillus) is very well suited for winemaking.

This is partly because the berry is so small

Which means that the amount of peel is relatively large per liter.
And it is in the skin that one finds the tannins that create the typical roughness that characterizes red wine.

With blueberry wine, long storage times are not needed either. The wine can definitely benefit from aging, but unlike most grape wines is tasty immediately after fermentation and bottling.

Rålund’s blueberry wine is produced from 100% blueberries. The berries are vinified in steel vats for 25-30 days and develop into a well-balanced wine with a soft roundness and fine after-taste.

Blueberry wine does not contain histamine

Rålund blueberry wine and Bergskär cowberry wine are free of histamin, that othewise can cause an allergic reaction.The wines can be laid down to age,
but can be enjoyed and are equally tasty if immediately.

The wild blueberries and cowberries from the Arctic forests give a wide spectrum of flavours with a fine balance in the acidity. The beneficial properties of the berries with their high levels of antioxidants is of course well known. Unlike grapes blueberries grow wild in the forest and are free of all chemicals. Environment-
friendly and climate smart they are hand-picked in northern Sweden,

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The meeting between the fantastic ingredients from the forests of Norrland
and the professional craft of winemaking has amazed sommelier, restaurateurs and other wine connoisseurs.