Our Story

A long tradition of making beverages from fruits and berries

The story about New Nordic Beverage

New Nordic Beverage is a game changer in winemaking and beverage production, seamlessly merging Swedish tradition with modern artisanal techniques. Our wines and beverages are born from wild-growing blueberries and lingonberries, hand-foraged from the forests in North of Sweden,

Nature´s wild berries from the Midnight sun region combined with excellence in winemaking in North of Sweden.
The result – unique wines that captivate wine connoisseurs and revolutionize the  wine world.

In 2012 we made our first blueberry wine in a village called Rålund.

Our home-brewed blueberry wine from Rålund was really good, we and our friends think.

But commercially producing wine is a whole science. To be able to commercially produce a stable wine with high quality blueberries has meant many test batches, but above all looking for expertise in vinification and wine production process.

Winemaking in our winery in Norsjö
is now a professional craft.

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