Wild Blueberry Wines

The gift box contains three half bottles of our popular wines made out of blueberry.
Classic dry wine, Exclusive dry wine, Norrsken aperitif. The wine is produced on a small scale in the country’s northernmost winery in Norsjö. The berries are organic and 100% wild blueberries from Norrland. The wine is made in collaboration with Canadian winemakers who have extensive experience of grapes and berries from northern latitudes

For anyone who dares to offer something really extraordinarily extra.

NR 3408209 | 3 BOTTLES À 375 ML
ALCOHOL 12,5–13%

What does the experts have to say about Bergskär?

The Nordic blueberry (vaccinium myrtillus) is very well suited for winemaking. This is partly because the berry is so small, which means that the amount of peel is relatively large per liter. And in the Latin name ”vaccinium vitis-Idaea” we find the meaning of ”vine from Mount Ida” Carl von Linné should already have realized the fine conditions of lingonberries to become a tasty drink.

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Rålund and Bergskär berry wine
Perfectly complement our meals, offering a Non-Grape and Histamine Free alternative with extraordinary experience and minimal environmental impact.
Indulge in an extraordinary wine crafted from Nordic Wild Blueberries and lingonberries, source from the depths of Norrland´s forest in Northern Sweden.







Bergskär Alcohol Free

Rålund Alcohol Free

Bergskär Mulled Wine