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Rålund and Bergskär berry wine
Perfectly complement our meals, offering a Non-Grape and Histamine Free alternative with extraordinary experience and minimal environmental impact.
Indulge in an extraordinary wine crafted from Nordic Wild Blueberries and lingonberries, source from the depths of Norrland´s forest in Northern Sweden.







Bergskär Alcohol Free

Rålund Alcohol Free

Bergskär Mulled Wine

Our vision

A sustainable approach to wine production with Nordic wild berries

New Nordic Beverage AB is on a mission create a paradigm shift in the wine world. We craft premium wines and beverages from the abundant, healthy and climate-smart Nordic wild berries and fruit source from growing areas with clean nature and fresh air.

Our mission

At New Nordic Beverage, we enable you to enjoy good and do good! we are committed to craft premium wines and beverages true to the essence of Nordic wild berries, contributing to a green transformation of wine and beverage industry.

Rålund wild nordic berry wines

Perfectly complementing our meals, offering a Non-Grape and Histamine-Free alternative with an extraordinary experience and minimal environmental impact.

Experience our premium Rålund Nordic wild blueberry wines, reminiscent of an elegant Burgundy Pinot Noir. Challenges the impossible, we bring you quality wines, true to the essence of Nordic wild blueberries, thanks to innovative thinking and the application of oenological principles,

Why the Nordic Berries?

Sweden, a country rich in wild berries. Summer in Sweden is a special kind where the sun is gentle and never sets, summer nights are light and cool, the forest is adorned with abundant wild berries. Despite this, only six percent of the approximately 400,000 tons of wild berries are picked yearly as per a 2019 paper

In terms of both enviroment and health, we aim to create taste experiences of the absolute highest quality. Through an innovative approach to wine and beverage production, we utilize natural wild-grown ingredients from Swedish forests, eliminating the need for cultivation, irrigation or pesticides, resulting in minimal environmental impact for our health and planet.


We are working tirelessly to contribute to a green conversion of dinner tables, where wines and beverages made from Swedish berries and fruit can replace wines made from grapes. By using natural raw materials that grow wild in the forest, we minimize the climate impact as no cultivation, irrigation or fungicides are needed.

Our story.

Founded by Lars and Li, fueled by their passion for Nordic wild berries, we firmly believe that nature offers us superlative ingredients and the finest raw materials. We dream of a sustainable approach to wine production with a focus on health and circular future.